Vibrio cholerae Agglutinating Sera Kit    


Pasteur Institute Vibrio cholerae antisera are in the form ofVibrio choleraepolyvalent, Vibrio cholerae Ogawa, and Vibrio cholerae Inaba, and contain appropriate preservative specifically prepared for using in identifying strains ofVibrio choleraeand also isolating subtypes of Ogawa and Inaba.

Packaging Contents

Inaba Antisera Kit: 18 vials (each vial containing 3 ml Inaba Antiserum).

Ogawa Antisera Kit: 18 vials (each vial containing 3 ml Ogawa Antiserum).

Polyvalant Antisera Kit: 18 vials (each vial containing 3 ml Polyvalant Antiserum).


Storage and Stability

Store at 2-8°C. Do not freeze.

The shelf life of the kit is up until the expiry date printed on the package in the absence of microbial contamination (even once opened).


1-Use fresh cultures.

2. Place two separate drops (30 µL each) of saline on a glass slide. Emulsify portions of the culture under test with a loop in each drop of saline to obtain a smooth fairly dense suspension.

3. Add one drop (30 µL) of saline to one suspension as a control and mix. To the other suspension, add one drop (30 µL) of undiluted antiserum and mix.

4. Rock slide for one minute and observe for agglutination, which can be more easily seen by viewing against a dark background using indirect lighting. Discard the used slide for safe disinfection and disposal.

Ogawa and Inaba serotypes have antigenic similarity and may cause cross reactions. Therefore, the antisera have been prepared as monospecific in order that no cross reaction occurs.


Table 1 – Antigenic factors of

 Vibrio cholera serotypes.



Table2 – Antibody factors contained inVibrio Cholerae.



Table3 – Summary of possible results of the slide test.