Pasteur Institute of Iran is a medical research center located in Tehran, Iran. The institute is one of the oldest outstanding research and public health centers in Iran and the Middle East, established in 1920 following an agreement between the Pasteur Institute of Paris and the Iranian government. This institute’s mission is to support advanced research and provide innovative programs in basic and applied medical sciences and produce biopharmaceuticals and diagnostic kits with a special emphasis on infectious diseases. It meets the specialized and scientific health demands of the local community and attempts to establish a link between applied research and industry. Pasteur Institute is a leading facility in the development and manufacture of vaccines. The institute has a total staff of 1300 and five branches in numerous cities of Iran. This institute is a center providing public health services and plays a significant role in the prevention and control of infectious diseases in Iran and the world during approximately one hundred years of its activities. Pasteur Institute of Iran has taken great strides in preventing and controlling infectious diseases and has gained significant credibility and reputation nationally and internationally. Meanwhile, Pasteur Institute of Iran offers a broad range of teaching and educational activities in Ph.D.