Eng. Mehdi Amani             
Technical Manager 
Contact Information:


Mobil: +989128221202
Tel office: +982634916061
Fax office: +982636100980
Email: m_amani@pasteur.ac.ir


Mechanical Engineering  
Computer software Engineering
Technical Manager from 2017 to 2018
Technical Manager form 2019 until Now
Introduction to Technical and Engineering department:
Organizational chart:
  • Technical and Engineering Management
    1. Equipment and Calibration
      •    Water and Wastewater
      •    Facilities and Buildings
           Pasteur Institute of Iran research and production complex with an area of ​​186,959.7 square meters consists different departments such as: Production Plants, Research laboratories and technology incubator.
      The main roles of Technical and engineering department are:
      Main Activities: 

      - Supervision of repairs of devices and equipment

- Designing support systems and facilities

- Validation and qualification of equipment and utilities

- Management of calibration

- Management of preventive maintenance and repair and supervision of related processes

- Control and management of technical places (including water, steam and HVAC systems)

- Control over the supply of spare parts/equipment components

- Monitoring the performance of contractors and preparing reports

- Approving guidelines, SOPs related to technical and engineering management, documents and technical maps

- Control of technical and engineering management instructions

- Project management