Injectable Solution Dept.

Injectable solution department as the pioneer of injectable solution production in Iran، at least with 40 years of experience in production، was founded in the existed location. This plant was active in Large volume parenteral production but now is producing just 5 kinds of small volume parenteral in 50 ml glass bottle which are :

  1. -     Potassium Chloride 15%
  2. -     Sodium Chloride 5%
  3. -     Lidocaine Hydrochloride 2%
  4. -     Dextrose 20% and 50%
  5. -     Magnesium Sulphate 20% and 50%

This plant is producing more or less 1500000 vials / year، with  25 staffs، in 159 meter squares with 2 hygenic HVAC system.

The production is being processed based on the activity of following units:

  1. -     Weighing and formulation
  2. -     Preparation and vial washing
  3. -     Filling
  4. -     Sterilization of vials
  5. -     Visual inspection and labeling
  6. -     Packaging


The supporting units for production are:

  1. -     In process control lab in production and quality control department
  2. -     Critical systems such as reverse osmosis and water for injection production, plant steam production, process air production, HVAC systems
  3. -     Warehouses for quarantine and released products


Production is done in 50 ml glass bottles and quarantined up to the time of release according the documented regulations. This production plant is one of the fewest which has produced the mentioned products in the glass bottles with 3 years stability studies in the country.

The post marketing  surveillance studies and annual review studies are done under supervision of authorized person.