Bacterial Antigen Production Department

Head of department: Dr. Mahdi Parian Noghani



acterial Antigen Department is one of the oldest at Production and Research Complex of Pasteur Institute of Iran. This department is IVD reagents manufacturer. Products of Bacterial Antigen Department are diverse. Febrile Bacterial Antigens which are inactivated dyes suspension ofSalmonellaandBrucellafor use in slide and tube tests (SalmonellaandBrucellareagents are being released in the market with Widal and Wright brand name). Blood Culture Media are used for isolating various types of aerobic or facultative anaerobic pathogens such asBrucella abortus. Vibrio cholera. Antisera are used for identify and isolate subtypes of Ogaw, Inaba and polyvalent. Viral Transport Medium (VTM) is for collection and transportation of nasopharynx virus-carrying samples. The Production line holds ISO 13485 & IMS Certificate and products have been approved by National Medical Device Directorate of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Our Products:
1: Brucella Abortus Reagents

• Rose Bengal Antigen
• 2ME Antigen
• Wright Tube Antigen
• Wright Rapid Antigen

2: Salmonella Reagents
• AO Antigen
• BO Antigen
• DO Antigen
• aH Antigen
• bH Antigen
• dH Antigen

3- Control Sera
• Negative control serum
• Wright's positive control serum
• Widal's positive control serum

4: Vibrio cholerae Antisera
• Inaba
• Ogawa
• Polyvalent

5: Blood Culture Media

  • Adult's blood culture medium
  • Infant's blood culture medium
  • Castaneda medium

6: Viral transport medium (VTM)


There are 19 people working in the department.


Processes include: cultivation, preparation and formulation of antigens and antisera, in process and final quality control, filling and packaging, quality assurance.

Antigen Manufacturing Sites


Antigen department has been built up in 7 units in 500 m² area. The facility consists of different sections for:

  • Cultivation and harvest
  • Supporting, washing and sterilization
  • Formulation
  • Antiserum production
  • Filling and packaging
  • Quality assurance and administrative activities
  • Incubation, Cooling and Storage


Other activities:

  • Optimization of the products product processes
  • Research for developing new products, including serological diagnostic kits, specific culture media, specific antisera forBrucella,Salmonella,Shigella, etc.
  • Products export